The Suffering of Being Kafka

New Hebrew Short Fiction

By: Dr. Sam Vaknin

The Author of: Requesting My Loved One
(Miskal-Yedioth Aharonot, 1997)

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I wrote my first tome, "Requesting My Loved One" in jail:

It was a voyage of painful self discovery. The stranger I saw in my mirror stared back and hard.

"Requesting My Loved One" and "Malignant Self Love" are twins. In the latter I generalized and non-fictionalized the former.

I won the 1997 New Prose Award of the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture.

I thought it was ironic: a prisoner, writing about an amoral world through his own disintegration - and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This is a new collection of short fiction. I cannot publish it in Israel because I had to leave it, exiled by my own profligacy.

The stories are copyrighted by me. Feel free to copy them, distribute them by any means, including electronic means - providing you give me due credit (simply add: Author - Shmuel Vaknin).

Don't forget to read my  Poetry of Healing and Abuse and my Journal.

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Table of Contents:

I. Abimbola Salako

II. Beheaded Cart - English Translation

III. Paper Inmate

IV. Remembering Avimelekh

V. Coitus Interruptus

VI. The Bus to Town

VII. Curfew

VIII. Aphrodisiac

IX. Elitzur Washes Test-tubes

X. Farewell to Brother

XI. Interview

XII. Janusz Courts Dina - English Translation

XIII. May Affair with Jesus

XIV. The Supreme Court Judge

XV. Kitchens

XVI. Letter to Judge N

XVII. Madelleine's Future

XVIII. The Suffering of Being Kafka

XIX. The Day the Nazis Returned

XX. It will be Alright

XXI. Patterns of Light and Shadow

XXII. Death of the Poet

XXIII. Death of a Prince

XXIV. When the Rain Strikes

XXV. They will Respond

XXVI. A Window of Sensitivity

XXVII. Shalev is Silent

XXVIII. Sights

XXIX. Siren Calls

XXX. State of the Universe

XXXI. Pet Snail

XXXII. Peleg's Stamps

XXXIII. Prague

XXXIV. Tangential Thought

XXXV. Short Waves

XXXVI. A Rustic Wedding

XXXV. Windows

XXXVI. A Short inter Tale

XXXVII. Wordsmith

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